Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Davies

Greetings and welcome to the last post for 2017, which is an anniversary special for the holiday.
This concert comes courtesy of The Kinks, and was recorded on New Year's Eve at the old Palladium in New York City at the very end of 1980.
It's sourced from the original pre-FM vinyl, so it makes a nice companion to their One for the Road set from earlier in the tour, and it sounds just as awesome.
They play all the hits and a bunch of songs from their then-current Low Budget LP. Everyone in the audience has a great time and probably does drugs and drinks too.
There's probably someone right this minute having a gauzy, fond memory of the next day's hangover after this show.
Anyway I know I don't have to explain The Kinks, the Godfathers of Punk that they indisputably are, so let's cut the chatter and spin the platter, shall we?
The Kinks
The Palladium
New York, NY

01 intro by Perry Stone
02 Where Have All the Good Times Gone/Tired of Waiting for You
03 All Day and All of the Night
04 Superman
05 You Really Got Me
06 Low Budget
07 Catch Me Now I'm Falling
08 Lola
09 Pressure
10 David Watts
11 A Gallon of Gas
12 Celluloid Heroes
13 The Hard Way
14 Dead End Street
15 Till The End of the Day
16 Bird Dog
17 Imagination's Real
18 Nothin' More to Lose
19 I'm Not Like Everybody Else
20 C'mon Now
21 Give the People What They Want
22 Captured Live outro - Perry Stone

Total time: 1:25:06
disc break can go after Track 10 or 11

Ray Davies - guitar, keyboards & vocals
Dave Davies - guitar & vocals
Jim Rodford - bass
Ian Gibbons - keyboards
Mick Avery - drums 

pre-FM LPs of a Captured Live! syndicated radio show from RKO Radio Networks, broadcast the week of October 10, 1983
I shall return in 2018 with more treats for your tweeter and bones for your bass. For now I wish everyone reading this the happiest and healthiest possible new year, and please do enjoy this balls-out rock-n-roll performance to close out the old one!--J.