Friday, July 28, 2023

She Tore It Up

Sinéad O'Connor - I Am Stretched On Your Grave

I am stretched on your grave
And will lie there forever
If your hands were in mine
I'd be sure we'd not sever

My apple tree, my brightness
It's time we were together
For I smell of the earth
And am worn by the weather

When my family thinks
That I'm safe in my bed
From night until morning
I am stretched at your head

Calling out to the air
With tears hot and wild
My grief for the girl
That I loved as a child

Do you remember
The night we were lost
In the shade of the blackthorn
And the chill of the frost?

Thanks be to Jesus
We did what was right
And your maidenhead still
Is your pillar of light

The priests and the friars
Approach me in dread
Because I still love you
My love, and you're dead

I still would be your shelter
Through rain and through storm
And with you in your cold grave
I cannot sleep warm

So I'm stretched on your grave
And will lie there forever
If you hands were in mine
I'd be sure we'd not sever

My apple tree, my brightness
It's time we were together
For I smell of the earth
And am worn by the weather

Sinéad O'Connor
Pinkpop Festival
Evenemententerrein Megaland
Landgraaf, The Netherlands

01 walk on & dedication
02 Jackie
03 Mandinka
04 Never Get Old
05 Just Like U Said It Would B
06 Jerusalem
07 The Value of Ignorance
08 The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
09 Just Call Me Joe
10 Jump In the River
11 I Want Your (Hands On Me)
12 Troy
13 I Am Stretched On Your Grave

Total time: 58:44

Sinéad O'Connor - guitar & vocals
Marco Pirroni - guitar
Andy Rourke - bass
Mike Joyce - drums
Phil Thornton - keyboards

2nd gen cassette of the VARA preFM master reel
slightly retracked and fully declipped -- with volume boosted +2 dB throughout -- by EN, July 2023

Sinéad O'Connor
Hammersmith Odeon
London, UK

01 Feel So Different
02 The Emperor’s New Clothes
03 I Want Your (Hands On Me)
04 You Cause As Much Sorrow
05 Three Babies
06 Black Boys On Mopeds
07 The Last Day of Our Acquaintance
08 Nothing Compares 2 U 
09 Jump In the River
10 Jerusalem
11 Mandinka
12 Troy
13 My Special Child
14 Don't Give Up (w. Peter Gabriel)

Total time: 1:12:23

Tracks 01-12:
Sinéad O'Connor – guitar & vocals
Dean Garcia – bass
David Ruffy – drums
Marco Pirroni – guitar
Susan Davies – keyboards, guitar & vocals
Marc Taylor – keyboards

Tracks 13 & 14:
Sinéad O'Connor – vocals
Peter Gabriel - vocals on Track 14
Sting - bass
Dominic Miller - guitar
David Sancious - keyboards
Vinnie Colaiuta - drums & percussion

Tracks 01-12 are likely a master off-air FM cassette capture, made from the original BBC broadcast
sourced from the 1992 bootleg CD "Beautiful Vision" on the Kiss the Stone label
slightly retracked and declipped by EN, July 2023
Tracks 13 & 14 are bonus tracks from the "Kurd Aid" concert @ Statenhal, The Hague NL 5.9.1991 preFM
pre-broadcast capture of indeterminate origin, remastered by EN, July 2023
402 & 467 MB FLAC respectively/direct link

We'll end the month -- as well as kick off its last weekend -- in full party-hardy style, with the first of two memorials to two recently deceased icons. For this one, there's not much else to say, except that 56 is way too young.

That and Morrissey, with whom I usually disagree at 180 degree levels, is absolutely right when he says all the pundits who have now instantly canonized her should have thought of that when they were pillorying her as an unhinged, dogmatic loony for the last 30 years.

What they failed to say, until they thought it was safe for them to say it, is that the Roman Catholic Church has paid tens of billions of dollars in restitution for molestation of young people since "that moment" 31 years ago on SNL.

Yep, Sinéad O'Connor -- gone 48 hours ago at merely 56 -- tore it up all right. Emphasis on r-i-g-h-t, as in correct no matter what the assholes had in store by way of repercussions, as they wheeled like birds of prey above the desert to which they exiled her.
Sent away for the unconscionable crime of having ripped up a piece of paper... if only to symbolize the lives the Church had already torn to shreds. Circling like vultures, awaiting her demise so they could spread the good news about how awesome she was.

I'll be back with another funeral, for another just-departed, totally individual and sincere icon, in another 48.--J.