Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Birth Stoned Soul: Laura Nyro 75

Laura Nyro - Poverty Train

Last call for the poverty train
Last call for the poverty train

It looks good and dirty on shiny light strip
And if you don't get beat you got yourself a trip 

You can see the walls roar, see your brains on the floor 
Become God, become cripple, become funky and split

Why was I born?
whoa-oh no-no-no-no no no no, no
Oh baby, I just saw the Devil and he's smilin' at me

I heard my bones cry,
Devil why's it got to be?
Devil played with my brother,
Devil drove my mother
Now the tears in the gutter are floodin' the sea

Why was I born?
whoa-oh no-no-no-no no no no, no
Oh baby, it looks good and dirty, them shiny lights glow
A million night tramps, tricks and tracks will come and go

You're starvin' today
But who cares anyway?

Baby, it feels like I'm dyin' now
I swear there's something better than
Getting off on sweet cocaine

It feels so good
It feels so good
Gettin' off the poverty train


Laura Nyro
Fillmore East
New York City, NY USA
01 introduction
02 He's a Runner
03 Brown Earth
04 When I Was a Freeport and You Were the Main Drag
05 poem: Christmas In My Soul
06 Poverty Train
07 Emmie
08 Gibsom Street
09 Captain for Dark Mornings/Map to the Treasure
10 Up On the Roof
11 And When I Die
12 Time and Love/Save the Country
13 Walk On By
14 It's Gonna Take a Miracle
15 Tom Dooley/California Shoeshine Boys
16 Timer

Total time: 1:17:03

Laura Nyro - piano & vocals

mono soundboard capture of unknown origin, the first hour of which may have been broadcast on FM radio
possibly recorded on 8-track reel under the Fillmore stage by the crew, or a radio team for broadcast, or Bill Graham on B&W videotape in the venue
some dead air edited, several dropouts repaired, slightly retracked and remastered, with volume boosted -- and the tape flip 
in Track 09 patched with an unknown gen FM (could be audio from that aforementioned video) bit from Wolfgang's Vault -- by EN, October 2022
322 MB FLAC/direct link

We'll creep one post closer to the 9th anniversary of this page next week with a milestone birthday of a songstress for the ages.

If you don't know who Laura Nyro is, I'd be for denying you the right to vote or sentencing you to 10 years hard Nickelback, but lucky for you she'd have been 75 today so you get another chance to enjoy your new favorite singer/songwriter.--J.

10.18.1947 - 4.8.1997