Now is the eternal moment. Bodhi (bōdē) is the state of enlightenment. My name is nowbodhi.

Josh E. Nowbodhi brings you "nowbodhi's blissness"... reconditioned boots for your legs. All to share the amassed treasures of a vast universe of vibrations from the vaults. All posts are FLAC format unless otherwise specified. Please support the artists depicted and pass on -- losslessly if possible -- what you discover here, so that others may come to support them as well. 

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  1. First of all, thanks very very much for your wonderful blog, full of real pearl from the world of the music with the capitol M!!!
    I wanted to know if you can find the recording of last night's concert at The Soraya of the fantastic Samara Joy guest of the wonderful Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra?
    Thank you so much again in advance!!!

    1. thx for your kind words, TEO

      that concert just happened in SF, dunno if it was taped but I'll keep an eye out

      there's tons of other Samara Joy shows, I can cover her if you want :)

    2. Thank you very very much again for your availability; I have already found some things around but it was in particular this concert with what I consider one of the best, if not the best, big band currently on the jazz scene in which I was very very interested...Samara Joy is simply wonderful!!!

  2. ...now that you make me think, in fact I would be very interested if you could find a date of Samara Joy's last tour, where at the piano to accompany her, there is a fantastic young pianist named Luther S. Allison (almost the same name of the great blues guitarist)...A thousand thanks!!!

  3. If is the duo concert recorded in Vienna 2022-02-23 I already have it...thanks anyway...