Monday, May 18, 2020

Wiggly World Power: Mark Mothersbaugh 70

Nobody told me this guy was turning 70 today!
Let's see how fast I can whip something up.
OK, there... that's better. That wasn't so hard. Whipped it. Good.
Seventy???? Oh man I feel older and older every second.
When I was 13, his was my favorite band. I don't think I was the only teen who felt that way.
You're telling me 40 years have gone by???? My energy dome is blown.
He didn't just help mastermind DEVO, you know. He probably did the music for your favorite Saturday morning cartoons too, if you're of a certain vintage.
He may have been born in 1950, but the ideas of Mark Mothersbaugh aren't growing stale by any means.
In fact, the theory of De-evolution is only getting more obviously relevant every moment that drips by.
If The Beginning Was The End, we'll celebrate by going back to the beginning, when these guys first dropped on the world like a massive piece of Space Junk.
This is from soon after their first record came out, just as they were beginning their ascent to world domination.
Walker Art Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

01 General Boy intro
02 Wiggly World
03 Pink Pussycat
04 Satisfaction
05 Too Much Paranoias
06 Praying Hands
07 Uncontrollable Urge
08 Mongoloid
09 Jocko Homo
10 Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA
11 (I Saw My Baby Getting) Sloppy
12 Come Back Jonee
13 Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy
14 DEVO Corporate Anthem
15 General Boy introduces Booji Boy/Red-Eye Express
16 The Words Get Stuck In My Throat

Total time: 56:18

master "Warner Brothers Music Show" pre-FM reels
slightly declipped and retracked by EN, May 2020
I gotta get back to work on tomorrow's main event -- hint: we're going mobile -- but I wouldn't be on the Smart Patrol if I didn't drop by and acknowledge MM's big 7-0 today! That's good!!--J.