Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wednesday Getz Set

The final post for March is a tasty anniversary special from one of the Jazz deities.
This was taped for French radio 47 years ago today, and it's lost none of its flavor since, trust me.
Thankfully France Musique rebroadcasted both halves of this show at the end of last year. You'll hear concerts like this, in their entirety, on American radio at roughly about the same time mythical White Jesus returns with pumpkin-spiced crack rocks for his flock.
What the Caucasian fuck do you need Jesus for anyhow? You have Stan Getz with a tenor saxophone in his hands.
If you don't know who Stan Getz was/is, just close this page and go back to your Mumford & Sons collection.
Look at him. You know he gets more chicks than you, and he's been dead since 1991.
This performance -- one of my top 20 Jazz bootlegs -- is almost two full hours of eclectic blowing, with Stan in the company of three tight French players, including smokin' guitarissimo RenĂ© Thomas.
The energy onstage is palpable, and this band swings like a postcard from the hanging because Stan Getz didn't play another way, ever, even when he was making billion-selling platters that still get played on the radio. Just not in America.
Stan Getz Quartet
Studio 104
Maison de la Radio
Paris, France

01 Annie from Abyssinia
02 Our Kind of Sabi
03 Mona
04 Theme for Emmanuel
05 I Remember Clifford
06 Dum! Dum!
07 Invitation
08 Chega de Saudade
09 Ballad for Leo
10 'Round Midnight

Total time: 1:46:32
disc break goes after Track 05

Stan Getz - tenor saxophone
René Thomas - guitar
Eddy Louiss - organ
Bernard Lubat - drums

digital capture of two 2017 France Musique rebroadcasts, comprising the complete concert
494 MB FLAC/March 2018 archive link
I'll be back real soon with an April full of amazing, but for now you better get after this Stan Getz Quartet set before Jazz is declared illegal and the penalty for improvisation is incarceration.--J.
2.2.1927 - 6.6.1991