Monday, December 31, 2018

Sibling Revelry

One last blast of sass before the clock strikes 2019, then.
This needs little introduction, except to say that it was recorded 40 years ago tonight at the closing of an iconic 1970s concert hall.
It's also one of the only pro-recorded shows of these guys that circulates.
It's strange, and in a way astounding, to remember that these guys are professional comedians playing characters and not really two brothers with the most appropriate last name in history. 
You know who they are and what happened, so no sense retelling the story.
Four decades back these two had the #1 record, the #1 film and the #1 TV show, all at once. That had never been done before, and hasn't since.
The whole last night of Winterland went out over KSAN-FM, and this was the middle part, before The Grateful Dead came on.
The Blues Brothers
Winterland Ballroom
San Francisco, CA

01 Can't Turn You Loose intro
02 Hey Bartender
03 Messin' with the Kid
04 (I Got Everything I Need) Almost
05 band introduction 1
06 Rubber Biscuit
07 Shotgun Blues
08 Groove Me
09 I Don't Know
10 band introduction 2
11 Soul Man
12 band introduction 3
13 "B" Movie Box Car Blues
14 Flip, Flop & Fly
15 Jailhouse Rock
16 Can't Turn You Loose outro

Total time: 50:15

"Joliet" Jake Blues (John Belushi) - vocals
Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) - harmonica & vocals
Steve Cropper - guitar
Matt Murphy - guitar
Donald Dunn - bass
Tom Malone - trombone, trumpet, saxophone
Lou Marini - saxophone
Tom Scott - saxophone
Alan Rubin - trumpet
Paul Shaffer - keyboards
Murphy Dunne - piano
Steve Jordan - drums
Willie Hall - drums

indeterminate capture, possibly master cassette, of the original KSAN-FM broadcast of the last night at Winterland
Obviously JB is way out of breath, of line and his mind for most of it, and if you took a quarter of what he likely had just in the hours before midnight at this event, you'd probably have successfully self-embalmed.
The mix goes a bit wacky at times -- perhaps the engineers visited dude's stash at some point -- but the all-star band keeps it flowing and the pair of Brothers -- then the most popular thing in entertainment on planet Earth -- bring down the house.
Bottom line: If the point is to have fun, this is your night and your show.
That does it from me -- 112 is the most I've done in any calendar year since I started this page -- for 2018, friends. See you soon and be safe out there this evening if you're venturing into the fray.--J.
                                                1.24.1949 - 3.5.1982