Saturday, April 21, 2018

I Wanna Be Your Blog: Stooge Is In the Heart

All right, I'm not wearing any clothes right now, so this should be good. This page doesn't just give you Symphonic Prog one day and its avowed arch-enemy the next, it gives it to you all sexy like.
Can you believe this motherfucker is 71? With the body of a 21-year-old. And the soul of a galaxy of shirtless, buffed out warrior princes.
Really he has lasted this long in this sort of pristine condition for a lot of reasons, but getting off hard drugs in the 1970s and several stints since hasn't hurt. 
Both he and Bowie -- he's somewhere hidden in these words, see if you can find him -- would surely not have seen 30 if they had not teamed up to kick their demonic powder enthusiasms back then.
But back to the beginning... I'm buck nekkid and distracted right now, and have been pecking away at this post like bits of antipasto at the buffet for several hours, so we need to keep this shit linear right now.
So once upon a time Rock was born and soon there came the Hippies. They were somewhat of a tawdry lot, and muttered a whole lot about concepts of social healing they had little real intent of following through upon, beyond not being sent to be vaporized in a steamy jungle hellscape so that rich and unattractively hefty men could become fatter and yet wealthier.
These regularly unwashed denizens were to be found in every city at one time about 50 years ago. Even Detroit had them. They sang songs and played music about peace, love, and a state of human harmony the world had never seen. And still hasn't. And won't.
Some of the less easily-deluded young people back then began to become annoyed with the blathering, Utopia-before-4:20-today Hippies. They were more inclined to sing about subjects by which the Hippies were simultaneously repulsed and fascinated, because the Hippies were as phony and as quintessentially human as the annoyed singing people thought. And more.
Long story short, the annoyed folks started to roll the spiked ball down the road and it eventually became this thing called Punk Rock. 
It's probably saved the lives of more disaffected young people since the ball was first rolled, by annoyed folks like today's birthday boy -- notably born the day following 4/20, like an answer to the question of what happens when the happy Hippie herbs wear off -- than any musical genre or social movement you could name. Only Hip-Hop comes close for sheer grassroots, you-can-do-it ethos and effect.
There are a few who sit in the "Irritated By The Hippies And Not Shy About It" Hall of Fame. There are fewer still who can legitimately lay claim to have not just rolled the ball first, but invented the ball.
 This guy is in that conversation, and has been since he initially picked up the ball and tried to peg the Hippies in their smug, patchoulied faces with it 50 years ago or so. 
He still does it at a level that would surely instantly kill a man less ready to die for Rock 'n' Roll than James Newell Osterberg, of course known by his considerably more concise stage name of Iggy Pop.
If you aren't an animated corpse dead at 25 and buried at 75, you know who he is. I've just spent the last several days prepping this little tribute aggregation, so it's time to divide by eleven, cut the chatter and spin the platter once again.
Iggy Pop
Agora Metro Cirkus
Agora Ballroom
Cleveland, OH

01 Raw Power
02 1969
03 Turn Blue
04 Sister Midnight
05 I Need Somebody
06 Search & Destroy
07 TV Eye
08 Dirt
09 Funtime
10 Gimme Danger
11 No Fun
12 I Wanna Be Your Dog

Total time: 52:22

Iggy Pop - vocals
David Bowie - piano, vocals
Ricky Gardiner - guitar
Stacey Hayden - guitar
Hunt Sales - drums
Tony Sales - bass, vocals
Scott Thurston - synthesizer, bass, guitar, harmonica, piano, keyboards, vocals

possibly a preFM cassette, sourced from an unauthorized 2004 CD "Sister Midnight" on Anarchy Records; 
slightly remastered by EN, April 2018 
Cabaret Metro
Chicago, IL

01 WXRT/Bill Cochran intro
02 Instinct
03 Kill City
04 1969
05 Penetration
06 Power and Freedom
07 Shake Appeal
08 High On You
09 Five Foot One
10 The Passenger
11 Easy Rider
12 1970
13 Search & Destroy
14 Cold Metal
15 Squarehead
16 No Fun
17 I Wanna Be Your Dog
18 WXRT/Bill Cochran outro

Total time: 1:04:54

Iggy Pop - vocals & guitar 
Seamus Beachen - keyboards, guitar & vocals
Alvin Gibbs - bass 
Paul Garisto - drums 
Andy McCoy - guitar

master DAT of a WXRT-FM "Budweiser Sunday Night Concert" broadcast from the Krw_co collection;
start of Track 02 & end of Track 13 patched by EN using a master cassette FM capture
Stockholm, Sweden

01 No Shit/EspaƱol 
02 Raw Power 
03 Search & Destroy 
04 Real Wild One 
05 I Wanna Be Your Dog 
06 I Felt the Luxury 
07 Home 
08 The Passenger 
09 Cold Metal 
10 TV Eye 
11 I Got a Right 
12 No Fun 

Total time: 54:22

Iggy Pop - vocals & guitar 
Hal Cragin - bass 
Alex Kirst - drums 
Whitey Kirst - guitar
Pete Marshall - guitar

sounds like a master DAT or digicapture from analog FM; slightly remastered by EN, April 2018

all three shows zipped together
These burning, committed radio sets -- remastered and repaired by me -- tell the tale in increments of 11 better than my naked ass ever could in increments of 1, so click that link if you wanna get into some of that Raw Power like only Iggy can plug into.
I shall return Tuesday with something entirely different yet somehow kind of the same, but if you're not The Idiot you'll pump these puppies down and let 'em fuck up your weekend real nice, trust me. And obviously it's all in homage to Iggy Pop, born this day in 1947 and still searching and destroying.--J.