Saturday, October 24, 2020

Warsaw Delight II: Cherry On Top

OK, I lied. I said today's thing would be different from yesterday's. It isn't. Much.

Heck, it isn't even in a different venue. Or decade. I'm such a liar.

What can I do? The thing I planned for today is gonna take more work and will be posted in December.

Plus, this bad boy is 40 today. And I just don't post nearly enough Polish Jazz. Or videos. Or videos of Polish Jazz.

This one's a burner too.  Janusz Muniak is maniac enough, he's one of the mainstays of this music, even gone four years. But you place the Don Cherry -- who coincidentally also passed 25 years ago last week -- atop it and you get a tasty burner indeed.

The untitled pieces in this might be improvised, I'm not exactly sure. But no matter, music is music and you can Call It Anything, as Miles once said.

So let's hit it, shall we? This is perfect Saturday afternoon fare if you ask me.

Janusz Muniak Quartet + Don Cherry
23th Jazz Jamboree '80
Sala Kongresowa
Warsaw, Poland

01 unidentified title
02 Body and Soul
03 Malinye
04 unidentified title
05 Full Moon
06 Guinea/Mopti
07 Race Face
08 unidentified title
09 Malinye (reprise)

Total time = 1:03:58

Janusz Muniak - tenor & soprano saxophones
Pierre Pausgen - piano
Andrzej Cudzich - bass
Jerzy Bezucha - drums
Don Cherry - pocket trumpet, melodica, percussion & vocals

mpg file made from a PAL DVD of a digital capture of a 2009 TV Kultura satellite rebroadcast

I'll be right back tomorrow with the finale of this fearsome foursome, conveniently of course. But don't hesitate to clock this 64 minutes of unclassifiable fun, coming to you courtesy of two absolute pillar performers and their cohorts.--J.

                                                                 11.18.1936 - 10.19.1995        6.3.1941 - 1.31.2016