Monday, September 14, 2020

Back to Black Monday

EN: Hello again from smoky Oregon! Let's finish up the triple play around the 600th post to this page with the b'day of a beloved and tremendously gifted trainwreck, OK? And for the guest blogging, let's hand it over to my boyfriend -- who unlike me, knows at least Thing One about her music -- to tell you all wussup!
Richie: 37 years ago today. The place: London, England. The day: dry and summery, September 14, 1983. The event: a couple welcomed their second child into the world. Who: Amy Jade Winehouse, who would later go on to have one of the best-selling albums ever in the United Kingdom. 
Tragically, she also went on a long and hard path of substance abuse, until her untimely and sad death on July 23, 2011 due to alcohol poisoning. 
While she was alive, not only did Amy earn record companies massive profits, she also won several Grammy Awards and inspired millions with her totally unique, ever-faithful take on Classic Soul music.
However, money and success aside, Amy was severely addicted to drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, she could not escape the demons that plagued her. Her songs were like love songs, yet the love was the drink.
I am saddened that Amy left us so soon, at only 27, and I just wish she had a child to carry on her legacy that was cut short. 
We only got three albums from her, but at least we got three albums from her before she departed, what seems like only yesterday.
With inspirations ranging from Frank Sinatra to Mary J. Blige, Amy Winehouse helped set the stage for performers like Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding and Florence Welch to be accepted and welcomed into the performing world with their unapologetic quirkiness and often otherwordly, individual styles.
Her recordings -- Frank, Back to Black, and Lioness: Hidden Treasures -- are here for us to celebrate, and continue to honor this beautiful and amazing soul who so sadly left us nine years ago.
Even though she is gone, many singers credit Amy as their role model and/or with giving them the inspiration to try. 
While she had many extracurricular issues and did not always stick with it, Amy definitely tried.
And that is exactly what I will do: keep trying.
Because in these times, we all need to keep trying.
Amy Winehouse
Oxegen Festival
Punchestown Racecourse
County Kildare, Ireland

01 Addicted
02 Just Friends
03 Tears Dry On Their Own
04 Cupid
05 Back to Black
06 Wake Up Alone
07 Some Unholy War
08 Love Is a Losing Game
09 Hey Little Rich Girl
10 You're Wondering Now
11 You Know I'm No Good
12 Rehab
13 Me and Mr. Jones w/band introductions
14 Valerie & outro jam

Total time: 51:27

Amy Winehouse - vocals
Zalon Thompson - vocals
Ade Omotayo - vocals
Henry Collins - trumpet, flugelhorn & baritone horn
Frank Walden - tenor & baritone saxophones
Jim Hunt - alto saxophone & flute
Dale Davis - bass 
Troy Miller - drums
Howie Gondwe - guitar
Sam Beste - keyboards

digital capture of a digital FM broadcast
Please join us in wishing Amy Winehouse a very Happy Birthday! We miss you and love you, Amy!💗--EN&R
9.14.1983 - 7.23.2011