Sunday, November 12, 2023

October In November: Charlie Mariano 100

Charlie Mariano Quartet - Lucie Wrong

It's a Sunday centennial celebration in here, and you're invited.

I've covered this guy once before, but for the big 100s I allow for repetition.

A severely undersung Jazz hero, he was known for employing exotic and unusual horns, like the nagaswaram -- a South Indian classical wind instrument -- into his music.

Now they call it "world music" and it rakes in the cash, but back then such hybrid approaches were not yet a thing.

It took visionary and exploratory artists such as Charlie Mariano to bring everyone up to speed.

He passed in 2009 after a long career challenging the boundaries, as both a part of a handful of seminal bands as well as on his own, but he'd have been a century old today.

Let's pay him the proper tribute, with a sizzling 1986 concert from Austrian radio.... and just maybe a little something extra.

Charlie Mariano Quartet
Technische Universit├Ąt
Vienna, Austria
01 Lucie Wrong
02 Gems
03 To an Elfin Princess
04 Cheops
05 Yagapriya
06 Scooter
07 Mute
08 One Day

Total time: 1:20:52
disc break goes after Track 04

Charlie Mariano - saxophones & reeds
Jasper van't Hof - piano & keyboards
Bo Stief - bass
Freddy Studer - drums

digital capture of an OE1 digital FM rebroadcast from November 2023
482 MB FLAC/direct link

There's an additional treat in the folder there, which I think will set your Funky Fusion detectors buzzing with a Greasy Gravy alert... but we'll let that be a special surprise.

I'll be back with more Business As Usual in a few days, but don't forget to enjoy these Charlie Mariano centennial expressions, as we celebrate one of the most uncompromising players ever to wail!--J.

11.12.1923 - 6.16.2009