Friday, October 25, 2013

speaking of gratitude, it makes me feel so honored that our lifetimes overlap with musicians and composers and maestros like WAYNE SHORTER, who wrote this... one of the most covered songs in the history of the music we call jazz -- my friend Rico said it best when he once said to me, in a moment of Hemingway-grade sophisticated simplicity, "Wayne tunes are great."
speaking of jazz, it jazzes me to no end that this -- the first recorded instance of Footprints -- was recorded in the city in which I was born (NYC), on the day I was born, 10/25/1966...

in the opinions of lot of people I respect, it is one of the definitive compositions of jazz and one of the most memorable, eloquent themes in the history of all music (not just jazz and not an exaggeration)

so thank you Miles, thank you Wayne, and happy birthday to Footprints, still steppin after 47 years

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