Thursday, December 25, 2014

Here Comes the Son: The Faith of Funk

Good morning and a very funky Christmas to you all!
This thing started last holiday season, when I put together that big 3CD Christmas music jaunt. I spent too much time in retail spaces these last few weeks, so you'll be thankful to know these two discs contain not one single note of Christmas music... seeing as how one more rendition of Let It Snow would have sent me into the mall with an assault rifle and a box of exploding Yuletide ammo.
Anyhow this began life as the second CD of last year's monster compilation, and over the course of the last 12 months it has metastasized into what you see below and taken up permanent residence in my phone, which doubles as a music player.
Yes, the gospel-music-loving atheist is back with a double dose of absolutely face-frying, backbeat-driven Jesus Jams in honor of the Birthday Boy. If you put either of these discs on as you unwrap your other presents today, there may be a danger of people's clothes coming off and possible suggestive -- yet always faithful -- gyrations.
I tried to keep most of the songs from the previous incarnation and heap on a whole bunch more into the mix, and to my utter astonishment the hand of the Lord -- sporting a vintage 1970s Mood Ring, no less -- descended to sprinkle holy soul across the entire two and a half hours. Think of it as the music of Saturday night meeting the sentiment of Sunday morning... on a Thursday afternoon.
Christadelic Funk vol. I - Here Comes the Son

01 Larry Jon Wilson - Canoochee Revisited (Jesus Man)
02 Bill Moss & the Celestials - Keep On Using Me Jesus
03 James Austin - I'll Take Jesus for Mine
04 Eugene McDaniels - The Lord Is Back
05 Voices of Conquest - O Yes My Lord
06 Sons of Truth - With Jesus You're Free
07 Crownseekers - Keep On Trusting the Lord
08 Holy Disciples - I Know Him
09 Preacher & the Saints - Jesus Rhapsody part one
10 Inspirational Gospel Singers - Same Thing It Took
11 Gospel Comforters - Jesus Will Help Me
12 Sensational Friendly Four - Rock In a Weary Land
13 Pastor T.L. Barrett - Like a Ship
14 Trevor Dandy - Is There Any Love
15 Larry Norman -  Why Don't You Look Into Jesus
16 The Meditation Singers - I Love My Jesus
17 Sensational Five Singing Sons - Share Your Love with the Master
18 Martha Bass - Since I've Been Born Again
19 The Brooklyn Allstars - I'm Glad You're Mine
20 Masonic Wonders - I Call Him
21 Mel & Tim - Keep the Faith
22 Marion Gaines Singers - Grandma's Hands
23 Agape - The King Is Christ

Total time: 1:19:52

Christadelic Funk vol. II - The Faith of Funk

01 Wilson McKinley - He
02 Armstrong Brothers - Can You Treat Him Like a Brother
03 Rance Allen Group - Hot Line to Jesus
04 The Gales of Joy - Ain't No Change
05 Last Call of Shiloh - Message of the Gospel
06 Golden Echoes - Packing a Grip
07 Sam Taylor - Heaven On Their Minds
08 Edwin Hawkins - Jesus, Lover of My Soul
09 The Doves - The Lord Is My Shepherd
10 Dorothy Norwood - Come and Go with Me
11 Jordan Travelers - God Will Answer
12 Ike & Tina Turner - Walk with Me
13 The Southerners - Jesus Is Real to Me
14 Mighty Walker Brothers - God Been Good to Me
15 Sweet Singing Cavaliers - Everytime I Feel the Spirit
16 Stovall Sisters - Praise His Name
17 Liz Dargan & the Gospelettes - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
18 Al Green - Jesus Is Waiting
19 Ray Charles - Heaven Help Us All
20 Jasper St. Company - Solid Ground

Total time: 1:19:33

vol. I & vol. II:
So there you have it, my contribution to your Christmas morning dance number, all wrapped up in the cybercloud for your enjoyment. I hope each and all of you have a most fantastic holiday season and I hope this crazy music adds to everyone's personal Nativity scenes today. Feliz Navidad, Funkateers!--J.

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