Saturday, February 24, 2018

Spiritus Sancious

Happy weekend and welcome to yet another Black History Month tribute!
 Today's is an anniversary special from the golden age of Fusion and features another of the undersung heroes of the music of our epoch.
He began in Asbury Park, New Jersey and by the early 1970s he found himself in the band of some chap called Bruce, whom was his Boss for a few, oh so very beloved LPs.
In 1975 he split off from Springsteen and started his own, completely different band called Tone, purveyors of the blistering power trio Fusion depicted in the share today.
Following a passel of Tone records and a few solo excursions, as well as a few other high-caliber collaborations with people like Jack Bruce and Yes' Jon Anderson, he was asked to join the band of the ultra-theatrical ex-Genesis vocalist Peter Gabriel, who refers to him as "the musician's musician".
He still occasionally goes out on the road with Gabes, and he always turns up on sessions and alongside other heavyweights on tour.
What always struck me about David Sancious was that although all these Maestro types use him for his keyboard prowess, he's just as wild and skilled of a guitarist. Again, stay tuned for today's share for the proof.
He'll be 65 in November but why wait? It's BHM and we bring the goods, this time via a thoroughly lit electric set recorded at the legendary (and about to reopen!!!!!) Long Island, NY club My Father's Place precisely 42 -- yes that's Jackie Robinson's number -- years ago tonight.
In this 76 minutes of blazing mayhem we get hip to the raw power of Tone; look out especially for when DS straps on the doubleneck and shreds... he even plays The Star-Spangled Banner in the middle of one extended jam, it being the Bicentennial and all.
David Sancious & Tone
My Father's Place
Roslyn, NY

01 Transformation
02 band introductions
03 Sky Church Hymn #9
04 piano solo
05 Summertime Harmonies
06 Jam/Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

Total time: 1:16:00

David Sancious - keyboards and guitar
Gerald Carboy - bass
Earnest Carter - drums and percussion

sounds like a master off-air reel taped from WLIR-FM in Garden City, NY
This was captured from the magnificent WLIR-FM in Garden City, NY and at both ends -- the radio crew and the person at home with the FM receiver and the reel-to-reel deck -- was executed a brilliant, vibrant capture of the show that is easily worthy of an official release.
Really all that was amiss were two dropouts in the bass solo in the last piece, which I made invisible, so this ought to be The Definitive Edition of this classic bootleg.
I shall return in two days with the final Black History Month celebration, but for now I'd highly recommend floating this Tone show past your ears because it's a burner and a half!!--J.

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  1. nice blog - don't forget all the time he played with Sting as well