Saturday, April 07, 2018

Straight Life Serenade: Freddie Hubbard 80

Seeing as how this page is the last thing left in a lonely life that can't afford to leave the house here in the richest country ever conceived, let's do more posts. What else is there to do? It's not like anyone but the most ardently accumulative, .01% looter-class sociopath deserves a life.
Speaking of what used to be life, today is a milestone birthday for one of the most brilliant instrumentalists ever to pucker up to a horn.
What is it about trumpets lately? We just did Hugh Masekela and now this guy is 80, or would have been. Maybe they are heralding the Apocalypse, just like in The Bible.
One of the Holy Trinity of post-bopping flugelists -- alongside Lee Morgan and that Miles dude -- whilst alive there were very few others in his realm. Shit, he's still a superheavyweight 10 years dead.
And he'd have been 80 today, shucks where does the time go? We know where the tone goes... in the pocket of Freddie Hubbard, still one of the world's most beloved trumpeteers a decade deceased.
Another one of those rarified players that can blurt a single note and you know it can be no one but them, he was born this day in 1938 and he's never gonna be far from my playlist.
To commemorate the great, here comes another one of these ridonkulous HD rebroadcasts that periodically go up on the Norwegian NRK-TV website.
This dates from 1978 and features 40 minutes of footage of the man in his absolute prime, out front of an equally-as-adept combo. Watch out for tenor ace Hadley Caliman and bass player Larry Klein, the then-husband of Joni Mitchell.
Freddie Hubbard Quintet
Kongsberg Jazz '78
Kongsberg Kino
Kongsberg, Norway

01 One of a Kind
02 Super Blue
03 Here's that Rainy Day

Total time: 40:23

Freddie Hubbard - trumpet & flugelhorn
Hadley Caliman - tenor saxophone
Billy Childs - piano
Larry Klein - bass
Carl Burnett - drums

FLV file of a HD webstream rebroadcast from the NRK-TV website
Imma come through shortly with a badass tribute to a just-deceased ebony iconoclast of the ivory 88s, but let's take Saturday to celebrate the 80th b'day of the astonishing Freddie Hubbard, can we?--J.
4.7.1938 - 12.29.2008

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  1. THANKS for this, it's a nice surprise, I'm almost finished watching the Dizzy big band video in Norway '71 you posted.
    Looking forward to watching the Hubbard video who along with Dizzy, Miles, Booker Little and Don Ellis (from the 60's) are favorites of mine.