Friday, June 29, 2018

Mercy, Mercy Me (The Beckology)

It's time for the last post of the month, this one concerning the 46th anniversary of a megaclassic bootleg documenting a megamusician at his megalithic peak.
This little hour of Rock/Jazz comes from the original BBC transcription reels and if the music suits never decide to officially release it they -- whoever they are -- need to put down the crack pipe.
Today's hero began in The Yardbirds in the mid-1960s and progressed quickly into his own bag, which is something like an inverted Fusion with Jazz chops and Rock lyrics and feeling.
Since his first solo stuff in like 1968 he's been one of the most universally loved and emulated guitar slingers nameable.
Needless to mention, he's still at it and still and still revered.
So here's this bootleg, famous as it is. It's probably the best we're gonna do for now until the clowns of the music industry care enough to do it. Don't hold your breath, folks.
Jeff Beck Group
Paris Theatre
London, UK

01 Ice Cream Cakes
02 Morning Dew
03 Going Down
04 band introductions
05 Definitely Maybe
06 New Ways/Train Train
07 Ain't No Sunshine
08 Got the Feeling
09 Let Me Love You
10 Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You

Total time: 1:00:13

Jeff Beck - guitar
Cozy Powell - drums
Bobby Tench - vocals & guitar
Max Middleton - keyboards
Clive Chaman - bass

DAT of the original BBC transcription LPs 
I will get back to work in July -- yesterday I pulled about 20 possible shows to share for that month that's coming -- but Trust me, your weekend begins with Jeff Beck here.--J.

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