Tuesday, May 14, 2019

One More Time Capsule

We'll return for a Tuesday anniversary special celebrating its 40th today.
This particular barnburner of a set was taped for KSAN radio in San Francisco precisely four decades prior to today.
It features one of my favorite songwriters since I was a teenager.
This one documents his advent, when his first record was out and his second was about to drop.
The single he had out during this time had just begun its ascent up the charts, with more hits on the horizon.
It seems, like many of his other tracks, a modern standard now, but back then there had never been a song like "Is She Really Going Out with Him?"
Part angry punk, part piano jazz Maestro.... come to think of it there's never been a songwriter quite like Joe Jackson, has there?
Anyway this is a crackling, high energy performance from when he was first making a name for himself, captured from the pristine KSAN prebroadcast reels and including a bonus track that was never broadcast.
Joe Jackson
Old Waldorf
San Francisco, California 

01 One More Time
02 Pretty Girls
03 Look Sharp
04 Friday
05 Sunday Papers
06 Baby Stick Around
07 Is She Really Going Out with Him?
08 Fools In Love
09 Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries
10 Kinda Kute
11 Happy Loving Couples
12 I'm the Man
13 Throw It Away
14 Got the Time
15 Pressure Drop
16 Ain't That a Shame
17 Come On

Total time: 1:05:28 
Tracks 01-16 are from the late show, which was broadcast live on KSAN-FM
Track 17 is from the early show, which was never broadcast

Joe Jackson - piano, harmonica & vocals
Graham Maby - bass & vocals
Gary Sanford - guitar
David Houghton - drums

pre-FM reels from KSAN-FM in SF
This is a very accurate representation of why this guy became so popular and prolific... he and his boys kinda hit the ground running.
I'll be back again on Friday with some batterie for your browser.
Definitely paste up to this Joe show though.... it's good to go and recorded 40 years ago.--J.

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