Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Passport Forwarding

I'm gonna go on ahead and pop one more thing up here for October, to make it an even ten.
I get that it's a big Rock Star birthday today, but honestly I get bored of the obvious, popular stuff after a while, so I will get to Grace Slick another time, I promise.
Today we'll continue with the Teutonic vibes begun by the Cluster set I posted for Roedi's 85th with this little taste of Germanic Jazz-Rock.
This set was taped 45 years ago today and features one of the toppermost Fusion bands of any nation.
Not only that, it's got two major superstars sitting in. One is guitar Maestro Philip Catherine, and the other is the perennially amazing vocalist from the great bands Frumpy and Atlantis, the electrifying Inga Rumpf.
Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone, but this show kind of completes a set, as similar LPs were released of the Klaus Doldinger all-star Jubilee concerts from 1973 and 1975.
Not this one, however.... but it was broadcast on the FM back in the day, and some gamely Teuton was at the ready with the very sort of magnetic recording tape invented by the Germans themselves!
Klaus Doldinger's Passport featuring Inga Rumpf 
NDR Jazzworkshop #104
Hannover, Germany 

01 Abracadabra
02 Nexus
03 Mr. Bigshot
04 Simple Song
05 Ready for Take Off
06 Rockport

Total time: 59:02 

Klaus Doldinger - soprano & tenor saxophones, clarinet & keyboards
Kristian Schultze - keyboards 
Philip Catherine - guitar
Wolfgang Schmid - bass
Curt Cress - drums
Inga Rumpf - vocals on Tracks 03-06

sounds like an off-air FM master reel capture
retracked with applause edited, volume boosted 1 dB throughout, and tape flip in Track 05 repaired by EN, October 2019
This show just cooks along, with two of the long jams Doldinger's group is famous for preceding the arrival of Inga Rumpf, who takes over the frontperson duties like she was onstage the whole time.
I am fixin' to bounce from this house here very soon -- in an operation I like to call Abandon Shit -- so if I don't post for awhile, stay tuned and if I don't die alone and homeless I'll be back ASAP to tune your tom-toms to a tasty tambre.
Do latch on to Doldinger's Passport though, and let them take you through customs on a Fusion voyage that represents the perfect pinnacle of "just about as funky as white people can get".--J.

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