Sunday, May 31, 2020

I Ride In Your Webstream

OK, this is one of those where I had no idea when I woke up I was gonna post anything, but it was so good and there are so many rare songs I couldn't resist.
It's also really appealing, as this is the first time I've ever posted something on the same day it was made.
Richard Thompson's been doing these almost weekly, and I might go back through them and pick out the best performances and the least-performed tunes and pluck the audio. 
We'll see if I can get to that after the 10,000,000 other things I have lined up for here.
I dunno I've ever heard him play Doctor of Physick solo before, so it's worth the (free) price of admission just to hear him get into the creepiest, dirtiest Full House-era Fairport song.
His pal Zara Phillips joins him for the last five songs, adding harmonies and such.
He was saying between songs that for this series of home concerts, they're free but if you want to donate, a portion of the proceeds will go to a food bank in New Jersey. So click the link to do that, if you will. 
Richard Thompson
private home venue
Montclair, New Jersey

01 Sam Jones
02 The Poor Ditching Boy
03 Sunset Song 
04 Doctor of Physick
05 Devonside 
06 The End of the Rainbow
07 Old Thames Side
08 Hand of Kindness
09 Guns Are the Tongues
10 Razor Dance
11 Poppy-Red
12 She Twists the Knife Again

Total time: 1:08:24

Richard Thompson - guitar & vocals
Zara Phillips - vocals on Tracks 08-12

.TS file of digital capture of the Facebook Live webcast
That's the May fare, what a month huh? Should society remain intact and functional enough for me to continue living and having a web connection, I will be back to -- in a nice way -- blow up June soon.--J.

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