Sunday, November 08, 2020

Material Gains

Hello again! Now that most folks feel things are looking up, let's ignite this anniversary special to light up your Sunday even brighter.

I was gonna wait til next year for this one's 40th, but who knows where I'll be in a year -- heck, if I'll be -- so we are jumping the gun for its 39th today.

It features the first touring configuration of Bill Laswell's seminal Material project, joining four towering forces atop a mighty rhythm section for the first onstage salvos in the long, serrated history of this band.

You get Laswell, artillery guitar grand marshal Sonny Sharrock, violin deity Billy Bang and Michael Beinhorn, now known more as a producer but back then an electronics and synth mastermind.
Plus, Curlew instigator George Cartwright, whom I'll cover here someday.
Overall it's a pounding hour of Punk Jazz, with Sharrock and Bang in particular going totally buck wild, as they were often wont to do.

Jazzfest Berlin
Berlin, Germany

01 Upriver
02 Unauthorized
03 untitled improvisation
04 Conform to the Rhythm
05 Disappearing
06 Heritage 
07 Reduction
08 Metal Test

Total time: 1:01:05

George Cartwright - saxophones
Billy Bang - violin 
Michael Beinhorn - synthesizer, tapes & vocals
Sonny Sharrock - guitar
Bill Laswell - bass
David T. Louis - drums

Lewojazz/Tom Phillips remaster of a digital capture of an 11.17.2017 Kulturradio rebroadcast

I'm working on November so stay tuned and stay strong! This blast of furnaced fire oughta help.--J.

                                                               8.27.1940 - 5.25.1994      9.20.1947 - 4.11.2011

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