Saturday, February 13, 2021

Return to Forever

When we consent and are sent here
steered near
via cosmic, Karmic ocean post
we arrive as love letters
no fetters
smitten and hurtless
unhaunted by makeshift, seasick futures 
undaunted by tsunamified years of aqueous tears 
we can't yet conceive 
will harden, aggrieved
to skeletal masts
of immutable pasts imperfect
Come a few
or one or two
inner/outer revo-evolutions
fate illuminates an open window
through which we'll try to beam
our deepest fevered dreams 
to shadows we can stand by
command the clam'rous band by
the moment that 
it's time for us to go
No one knows the when
or how the port'll close
just that it goes
loud and clear
gravity's finality severe
an atmosphere that binds us here
our slopery slice of 
fleeting now and then
For some of the dumb
it's a scrum
a crumb for a bum
they curse themselves numb
imperious, vain soul oaths
flung down from the window
at the big, bustling boulevard below
Not engaging
suspended, spent, raging
they flay the dwindling day
even as it melts away
to an unsane
complaint-maimed, membrane-framed name
that drains the solar rays 
and rains on the parade  
whose place bears no such stain
whose face wears no such pained, disdainful caging
Made of living's thankless jobs
now he sings and now he sobs
 water for his baleful brothers
 fountains fall on neutral others
watch what's left go right on by
add, divide and multiply
sigh, get high and live and die
but never quest or wonder why
It's gone on
will go on
and flow on just so on 
oceans of motion
that master ad astra
stupendous and endless
serene and unseen
eternity cedes
infinity's needs
bookending mysteries 
of histories between
The Leaders
the feeders
the freedom-teaching deed achievers
instruct constructively
their time applied in flight
to lend a little light
exemplary and Heaven-sent endeavor
 the windows close alone
but before he sleeps in stones
anyone with half a heart
or head intones his bones
they know he made the most
his ghost won't be lost in the post 
he planted seeds
inscription reads
Your Work Is Done
Return To Forever

Return to Forever
Ebbets Field
Denver, Colorado USA

01 Beyond the Seventh Galaxy
02 Vulcan Worlds
03 The Shadow of Lo
04 piano solo
05 guitar solo
06 bass solo
07 drum solo
08 Song to the Pharoah Kings

Total time: 1:19:58

Chick Corea - piano & keyboards
Al DiMeola - guitar
Lenny White - drums & percussion
Stanley Clarke - bass

pre-FM reels of indeterminate origin, remastered by The TooleMan
499 MB FLAC/February 2021 archive link

Thank you so inexpressibly much for everything, Maestro.--J.

6.12.1941 - 2.9.2021

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