Friday, June 09, 2023

Quickstep Transformer: Kenny Barron 80

Kenny Barron Trio - Autumn Leaves

We're back with a bad chest cold and a milestone trip around the sun for another formative pillar of the music of our epoch.

Today we have someone who's been a part of a zillion recordings and not too fewer many groups.

As both leader, sideman and organizer, he's on as many albums as almost anyone you could name.

Starting in the band of Dizzy Gillespie in the early 1960s, he's blazed quite a path in the 60 (!) years since.

Perhaps most acclaimed for his series of duets with Stan Getz in the late 1980s, AFAIK he is still out there and playing as he turns 80 today.

We'll tribute Kenny Barron -- piano Maestro of our lifetimes -- with two sweet radio segments from the 1980s: one solo and one with an all-star trio.

Kenny Barron
broadcasts, 1981-84

01 Misterioso
02 The Star-Crossed Lovers
03 Bud-Like
04 Autumn Leaves
                    05 There Is No Greater Love                    
06 FM outro

Total time: 58:28

Tracks 01-03: Kenny Barron - solo piano
Bibliothèque Nationale, Pianissimo Series  Festival International de Jazz de Montreal, Canada  6.29.1984 master FM cassette capture of a CBOF broadcast
Tracks 04-06: Kenny Barron - piano  Eddie Gomez - bass  Al Foster - drums
Paulson's  NYC, NY  2.8.1981 master FM cassette capture of an NPR "Jazz Alive!" segment
330 MB FLAC/direct link

We did some more merchandise, because I love playing with the AI generator just that much.

I'll be back around after this cold is gone and I'm not coughing the contents of my lungs all over the keyboard.

But don't bypass our birthday boy -- born this day in 1943 -- without pasting your ears to these sessions!--J.

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  1. Wonderful Joshy! Thanks for all you do bud. No pun intended! 🤓 KJee