Sunday, December 31, 2023

Last Dance Fever: Donna Summer 75

Donna Summer - Retrofonik Tribute Megamix 2023 (excerpt)

Sorry I'm maybe a few hours late with this, there's a lot going on but I'm here to wrap the year, so have no fear.

I've wanted to cover this lady since I started this nonsense 10 years ago, but the total lack of unreleased material or any concerts prohibited that.

We call it EDM today, and a lot of that has to do with how it had to rebrand itself once all the tinydicks decided it Sucked as Disco.

You really can't entirely blame the rednecks and the rockers though. I mean, once Kiss and Rod Stewart start putting the four on the floor, it's likely the commercial aspects of 1970s dance music had gotten a bit out of hand.

Of course it's tempting to put it all down to homophobic derision for a genre associated, in its origins, with gay people and spaces, but honestly I don't think all those idiots in Comiskey Park that night in 1979 were intelligent enough to know where it came from... just that their troglodyte brains saw the talking monkeys around them were upset by it, so they followed along.

Which brings us to the birthday Queen Of Disco here, born this day in 1948, dead since 2012, but still wielding an outsize influence as we end 2023.

Now we all remember the controversy from 1985, when she was accused of just the very same sort of bigotry, but which she denied with assurances that several of her co-writers on some of her biggest tunes were gay.

Anyway it's all water under the bridge now, with her global iconic status forever cemented amongst not just gay men but just about the entire population of Earth.

A most unlikely church girl to ever be found moaning orgasmically over sequencer beats, we can say that much.

When her first two songs came out, the world completely changed and some had to struggle to adjust, it's fair to say.

Of course they weren't really her first foray; she'd been in Hair in Germany and was somewhat of a star over there, albeit with nothing like what was to come musically.

Then along came Giorgio Moroder with the production, and the rest is Disco History.

Once Disco was backlashed off the airwaves by the reactionary contingent so implicit to America, she kind of altered her sound to be more rock-oriented and continued to have #1 hits... unlike most of her Disco contemporaries, whose careers died with the exploded records in center field at Comiskey Demolition Night.

So Donna Summer is 75 today, can you believe it? I feel.... old.

Let's celebrate with the lossless version of this cat's Tribute Megamix he updates every decade or so... this is the latest iteration and it's bumpin' your New Year's bash fasho.

Donna Summer
Retrofonik Tribute Megamix 2023
mixed by Clif Hunter

01 Retrofonik Tribute Megamix 2023, mixed by Clif Hunter
   including: Love to Love You Baby/Dinner with Gershwin/Walk Away/When Love Takes Over You/Love Will Always Find You/One Night In a Lifetime/This Time I Know It's for Real/Can't Get to Sleep At Night/Stamp Your Feet/Journey to the Center of Your Heart/I Don't Wanna Get Hurt/Hot Stuff/Bad Girls/Dim All the Lights/Spring Affair/There Goes My Baby/Try Me I Know We Can Make It/My Life/Love's About to Change My Heart/Love Is In Control (Finger On the Trigger)/Stop Look Listen/Our Love/Lucky/Hot Stuff (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper mix)/Could It Be Magic/Last Dance/Fame (The Game)/Melody of Love (Wanna Be Loved)/I Remember Yesterday/I Feel Love/Love On and On/I'm a Fire/Carry On/Power of Love/On the Radio/I Got Your Love/Once Upon a Time/I Love You/Love Is the Healer/Whenever There Is Love/MacArthur Park/One of a Kind/Heaven Knows/You're So Beautiful/Dream-A-Lot's Theme (I Will Live for Love)/The Power of Love/No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)/She Works Hard for the Money/Sunset People/Someday

Total time: 1:21:31
this is a continuous mix with no breaks
if you want to burn it to CD, you'll have to overburn a single disc

latest edition of a massive, continuous 24/96 mix by Clif Hunter, updated in tribute to the The Disco Queen and her 75th birthday 12.31.2023
converted to 16/44 CD Audio & declipped by EN, December 2023
553 MB FLAC/direct link

So that will do it for this year! I've already looked at January and it's mayhem, with two centennials to boot!

And don't hesitate to light up your dancefloor tonight and beyond with some Hot Stuff, courtesy of a bad, bad girl called Donna Summer, who'd have turned a milestone b'day this New Year's Eve. Beep beep! Awwww!! Toot toot! And a Happy New Year to you all!!!--J.

12.31.1948 - 5.17.2012

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