Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Birthday Meta: Ornette At 84

watersheds birthed from
skies of America; the
endless wet depths kept

like baseball and jazz...
one's about hits; the other
can't get in the charts
baseball came at 2
but jazz took til 22
catching up to do

when first this music
found me, one jam stood out: The
Shape of Jazz to Come
the twisted, taut lines...
where did the theme end and the
solo begin? Wow.

fast forward: finding
free-funk, Dancing In Your Head
perspective switch flipped

harmony motion
melody, careen forth on
shards of cracked rhythm

ev'rything at once
song, beat, contrapuntal time
commercial crass cash
considerations excised,
cutting-room floor false

diamond flawless raw
the tensile dense sense the lens;
balance mends the fence
destined to perfect;
vibratory skill reveals
the Art that remains

no wonder when he
first hit the scene, the critics
wanted to kill him.
Ornette Coleman & Prime Time

Moers International Jazz Festival
Moers, Germany

 01 Impro One
02 Nightwork
03 Asia
04 Song X

 Ornette Coleman - alto saxophone
Bern Nix - guitar
Charles Ellerbee - guitar
Al MacDowell - electric bass
Jamaaladeen Tacuma - electric bass
Denardo Coleman - drums

FLAC from pre-FM reels
Total time: 53:27
Köln, Germany

01 In All Languages
02 Song X
03 Story Tellers
04 Latin Genetics
05 Mothers of the Veil
06 Dancing In Your Head
07 interview with Ornette and Denardo Coleman
08 Space Church

 Ornette Coleman - alto saxophone, trumpet
Bern Nix - guitar
Charles Ellerbee
- guitar 
Jamaaladeen Tacuma - electric bass
Al MacDowell
- electric bass 
Denardo Coleman - drums
Grant Calvin Weston - drums and electronic percussion

PAL DVD from 2005 German TV rebroadcast
Total time: 58:30

both zipped together
1.7 GB/March 2014 archive link
Ornette is looking
at you like this so you'll dig
 that it's his birthday

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