Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Go Ask Alice

OK, I am really in a rush so this will be short and sweet. I will try to do one more post in June while I'm on the East Coast, but I can't guarantee it... so this for now will be it from me for the month.
There's really no way to follow up a sincere and serious post other than with a frivolous and fun one, so here goes: 39 years ago this concert was recorded and I'm bringing it to you today. Welcome to my nightmare, I guess.
Yes, it's the other St. Vincent, Alice Cooper! This is a pre-FM reel of a complete and wild show from the LA Forum in 1975, featuring a snarling, probably obliterated Mr. Furnier screeching his songs in a voice that can only be described as making sandpaper seem like silk.
I'm not sure who the guitar players are on this but they are in full shock-rock screamer mode... and the crowd, which is miked up pretty loud throughout, just eats up every lick as well as every creepy gesture and shredded utterance from Vince.
Alice Cooper
Los Angeles Forum
Inglewood, CA

01 Welcome to My Nightmare
02 Years Ago
03 No More Mr. Nice Guy
04 Years Ago
05 Billion Dollar Babies
06 Years Ago
07 I'm Eighteen
08 Years Ago
09 Some Folks
10 Cold Ethyl
11 Only Women Bleed
12 Devil's Food
13 The Black Widow
14 Steven
15 Nightmare Reprise
16 Escape
17 School's Out (W/Escape Reprise)
18 Department of Youth

Total time: 1:13:17

silver boot CD sourced from pre-FM reels
So enjoy this insane music and I will return at the start of July -- barring the ability to pull off a post I have planned for 6/24 -- with more sonic fodder for your audio larder. Ciao for now!--J.

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