Saturday, December 16, 2017

Let's Talk About Sax: Joe Farrell 80

I just got home after a long, long day, but I meant to get this up so here it is.
Today would've been the 80th birthday of Joe Farrell, as burning a reed melter as ever put a horn in his mouth.
If you don't know him, you ought immediately buy all his records, especially the 1970s ones on Creed Taylor's CTI label.
LPs like Moon Germs, Upon This Rock and Canned Funk represent a seriously high watermark in Seventies soul-jazz fusion.
With a tone that was alternately belter and brassy, and a million groove tunes to choose from, Joe Farrell was a beacon for the idea that Jazz was and is principally dance music.
To commemorate his milestone day -- he passed over 30 years ago but his presence, as with all players of his caliber, is still felt -- I clouded up a smokin' 47-minute set, captured from pre-FM reels, from the WDR in Germany in the Fall of 1973.
Joe Farrell Quartet
Berlin, Germany

01 introduction
02 Weathervane
03 I Won't Be Back
04 Great Gorge incl. drum solo
05 Hurricane Jane

Total time: 47:25

Joe Farrell - tenor, soprano & baritone saxophones, flute
Joe Beck - guitar
Herb Bushler - bass
Steve Gadd - drums

unknown pre-FM source; likely from original WDR reels
Look out for guitar Maestro Joe Beck and drummer Steve Gadd on this one, as they blaze right alongside what Joe is laying down.
Pull it on down and swing your Saturday and Sunday appropriately! --J.
12.16.1937 - 1.10.1986

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