Sunday, July 22, 2018

Gato Be There: Europa Caliente!

Let's finish off this mini-flurry of rebroadcasts with another jewel in that series.
This is another France Musique gem of a rerun, featuring a stalwart jazzer rocking the funk out.
This comes from the time when Gato Barbieri left the Impulse! label, only to find chart success as soon as he moved to A&M.
I dunno if it's "Third World Jazz" or whatever ridiculous term white people wanna make it into, but it sure is funky.
Gato is so enthusiastic here, blowing passionate lines all set long and singing and scatting along when he isn't snapping reeds at 10 paces.
There isn't too much to say except this was rebroadcast by France Musique and it makes a cooker of a Sunday night 41st anniversary special to close out the weekend.
Gato Barbieri Sextet
Festival de Jazz d'Antibes
Juan-les-Pins, France

01 Europa (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile) 
02 Don't Cry Rochelle
03 Los Desperados
04 Fiesta
05 I Want You
06 El Día Que Me Quieras

Total time: 53:26

Gato Barbieri - tenor saxophone, vocals
Edy Martínez - piano, keyboards
Joe Carotenuto - guitar
Eddie Rivera - bass
Steve Jordan - drums
Angel ‘Cachete’ Maldonado - percussion

digital capture of a May 2018 France Musique rebroadcast
I'm taking a day off Monday but am back Tuesday to start another flurry of curry, so don't you worry. 
This golden rebroadcast -- thank you, France Musique -- is a burner from the immortal G.B. though, and don't hesitate not to miss it because it funks hard, trust me.--J.
12.28.1932 - 4.2.2016

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