Friday, March 15, 2019

Zeuhl Me Twice

We're dropping by real quick to post some weird old music no one cares about. Shocking, I know.
A few weeks back we did Christian Vander's MAGMA, surely way left on the strangeness meter. Today we continue in that vein with another of the stellar, first generation Zeuhl groups that cropped up in their wake in the mid 1970s.
This band features a bit of the operatic, incomprehensible vocals Magma is famous for, but they are a lot more Fusionesque and instrumentally based than those guys.
If you love Zeuhl or you don't know Zeuhl from the Bronx Zoo and just adore Fusion, this tape is likely right up your street.
It hails from a Zeuhl festival held in Paris in 1975 and is one of the precious few archival items from this band, which is called ZAO.
I very slightly remastered it, and even though it still has its rough spots it's a vital document of what this group and, by extension, this music is all about.
Festival International du Son
Palais des Congrès
Paris, France

01 Boogie à Toto
02 Yog
03 Isis
04 Satanyia
05 Attila

Total time: 52:22

Francois "Faton" Cahen - keyboards
Jeff "Yoch'ko" Seffer - saxophones, flute & keyboards
Joël Dugrenot - bass & vocals 
Mark Barschmidt - drums

1st gen mono reel of the original France Musique broadcast 
slightly remastered & restored by EN, March 2019
I will be back, perhaps tomorrow but definitely soon, with more silly shit no one cares about. But do check out ZAO if you're down to explore the hitherto unknown, fasho.--J.

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  1. Please be assured I do care about shit like this. Many thanks for sharing!