Thursday, May 02, 2019

Metro Media

Let's inaugurate the month's merry Mayhem with the first of another two consecutives, beginning with this shit-hot slice of 1980s New Romantic FM madness.
Very few live tapes of this band in its initial configuration exist, but thankfully there's at least one.
I remember getting the cassette of their first EP Pleasure Victim at Korvette's in like 1983 or something.
Astonishingly, they are still out there -- well, at lest the singer and a bunch of new cats are -- playing these tunes a full 35 years after they hit like a hammer with songs about Paris trains and sexual roleplay.
It's impossible to describe in today's terms how out there and controversial their first big song was. 
Now there's unclad hoes on every music channel gyrating about what their man's body tastes like on what drugs, so the fetishistic fantasy quality of Sex (I'm a...) has been all but muted by the passage of time.
Of course they had other hits, some of them way more poppy and less challenging. But that first EP had it all, and for a bit this was the new hot band everyone was talking about at school.
Anyway this tape captures them in all their glorious advent, when all they had out was that EP. This was dubbed straight to a Maxell cassette (remember them?) off the air from a radio station in Boston that was broadcasting the event live 35 years ago today.
The Metro 
Boston, MA 

01 radio intro/Masquerade
02 The Metro
03 Pictures of You
04 No More Words
05 Dancing In Berlin
06 In My Dreams
07 Touch 
08 Tell Me Why    
09 Sex (I'm a...)/radio outro

Total time: 42:59

Terri Nunn - vocals 
John Crawford - bass, synthesizer 
Ric Olsen - guitar 
David Diamond - synthesizer 
Matt Reid - synthesizer, vocals 
Rob Brill - drums 
Marietta Waters - vocals

master cassette of an off-air FM capture from WXKS-FM in Boston
Yes, that's right. The band that hit with the song about riding on the Metro is playing live in... The Metro. Meta blog is meta. Kinda takes your breath away, doesn't it?
I'll be right back in 24 with a special centenary celebration, but do enjoy this quick trip to Berlin, by way of Boston.--J.

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