Saturday, August 17, 2019

Nutbush Ranger

It's a locked and loaded Saturday Night Special tonight, with a 35th anniversary missile incoming.
Today's artiste needs no introduction and even less explanation.
To say that she's been at this music stuff at a very high level for a very long time would be like saying basketball players are tall.
Now that we are clear on the wetness of water, what is there to say about this woman?
You know the history, they make movies and Broadway musicals about it.
Since the 1960s, the last how ever many decades could be considered The Tina Turner Takeover.
Obviously she began with her ex-husband and we know how that went. 
Luckily she made it out from under his imperious grasp and into a solo career in the mid 1970s, once the beatings and intimidation got to be too much.
I think she might be retired from performance now, but that show on Broadway is a constant reminder that she hasn't faded from view at all.
Anyway enough statements of the obvious; let's share music!
This one comes from some deliciously pristine Westwood One pre-FM vinyl and is probably the finest recording of her 1984/85 Private Dancer sojourn, when she re-exploded onto the charts after a lull.
Tina Turner
Park West
Chicago, Illinois USA

01 Westwood One intro by Jim Maddox
02 Budweiser ad I
03 Let's Pretend We're Married
04 Show Some Respect
05 Nutbush City Limits
06 Westwood One break
07 I Might Have Been Queen
08 River Deep, Mountain High
09 Better Be Good to Me
10 Budweiser ad II
11 Westwood One break
12 What's Love Got to Do with It?
13 I Can't Stand the Rain
14 Private Dancer
15 Budweiser ad III
16 Westwood One break
17 Let's Stay Together
18 Proud Mary
19 Westwood One outro by Jim Maddox

Total time: 57:36

Tina Turner - vocals
Hal Lindes - guitar & vocals
James Ralston - guitars & vocals
Kenny Moore - keyboards & vocals
Alan Clark - keyboards & vocals
Timmy Cappello - saxophones, percussion, keyboards & vocals 
Bob Feit - bass
Henry Spinetti - drums
Lejeune Richardson - vocals
Annie Behringer - vocals

pre-FM LPs from Westwood One; first broadcast in September 1984
I'll return on Monday to begin another three joints in a row, featuring three completely divergent Rock gawds from three very different contexts.
Don't miss Miss Tina though. Love may not have much to do with it, but this one's pretty incendiary nonetheless!--J.

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