Sunday, December 13, 2020

A Town Called Mallets

I finally got some sleep for at least a night, so before I go back to bed I am gonna toss this one up.
It's having its 45th anniversary today, but the music is so timeless the numbers just don't matter.
In truth this set could be issued by ECM any day, as one of those cool little boxsets they do, and it would fly off the shelves.
Obviously everyone should know who Gary Burton is.
That so many people still don't baffles the mind, what with his nearly 60 year career as one of the primary exponents of his chosen instrument.
Although he is retired since 2017, the strata to which he took the vibraphone set a standard for the instrument that all subsequent aspiring players will have to approach and absorb.
There isn't much to say about this concert -- supplied here in complete form from two consecutive France Musique rebroadcasts in 2018 -- except that it's as good as any I'm ever gonna put up here.
Gary Burton Quintet
Studio 104
Maison de la Radio
Paris, France

01 Ictus/Syndrome
02 Vashkar
03 Desert Air
04 The Colours of Chloƫ
05 drum solo
06 Doin’ the Pig
07 I'm Your Pal
08 Turn of the Century
09 Airegin
10 Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly
11 Olhos de Gato
12 Como En Vietnam
13 Falling Grace
14 Vox Humana
15 Mevlevia
16 Las Vegas Tango
17 In Your Quiet Place

Total time: 1:46:36
disc break goes after Track 09

Gary Burton - vibraphone
Mick Goodrick - guitar
Pat Metheny - guitar
Steve Swallow - bass
Bob Moses - drums

digital capture of two 2018 France Musique analog FM rebroadcasts comprising the full concert
Look out for guitar gurus Mick Goodrick and Pat Metheny in this one... they just play their asses clean off.
I'll be back in 24 with the last of these four consecutive posts, with an ultra-milestone birthday of one of the ambassadors of the music of our age.
Don't miss out on this here show though, I am warning you. Keep the vibes good!--J.


  1. Hopefully you're feeling better. Thank you so much for the Burton performance. I love the title of this post, although the jazz fans might not get it.

    1. It's The Jam, innit? lolol

      Truthfully I obsess about the titles way more than the text, which is just an excuse to have to scroll down to find the gold and not just have it pop up first thing