Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Lucky Number 72

I'm back! Did you miss me? Look in the chatbox to the right if you wanna know what I was doing while I was away.

I'm returning with two posts to end March, the first of which is this lady's birthday.

She was in various bands coming out of the mid-1970s Punk scene in London, after moving with her family from Detroit to the UK at the age of 13.

As Punk flamed out in a fizzle of spit and vinegar, she went solo and -- thanks to a huge single that kickstarted her career -- became a princess of the New Wave as the Eighties dawned.

Then her musical director and keyboard player went solo and became even bigger than she was, blinding MTV with all that science.

Famous for her birdlike vocalizations, if I had to describe Lene Lovich -- born this day in 1949 -- to the uninitiated, I might place her as the unholy stepchild of Marlene Dietrich and Ronnie Spector.

To celebrate her 72nd voyage around the Sun she has just completed, we'll cast our eager ears back to the early 1980s heyday of our heroine, with a sweet and very well mixed concert that was originally broadcast live from a nightclub called Malibu on the south shore of Long Island by one of the very greatest radio stations of all time.

Lene Lovich
Lido Beach, NY

01 WLIR-FM intro/Savages
02 Sister Video
03 Joan
04 It's You, Only You (Mein Schmerz)
05 Maria
06 Say When
07 New Toy
08 Blue Hotel
09 Lucky Number
10 Angels
11 Rocky Road
12 Home incl. band introductions

Total time: 57:36

Lene Lovich - vocals & horns
Steve Goulding - drums
Ron Fran├žois - bass
Ben Barson - keyboards
Linden Connor - keyboards
Les Chappell - guitar

spectral analysis shows an off-air FM cassette -- likely a master --
from a vintage broadcast over the late, great 92.7 WLIR-FM in Garden City, NY
392 MB FLAC/March 2021 archive link

From now on I won't be posting Zip archives, which are so 2003 anyway. The links will now just take you to a folder with all the tracks that you can download as a Zip, or one track at a time, or as a regular old folder... your choice.

I will return in 24 with more, and then we'll get after April as I transition back out of Genesis 5.1 Doomworld and into my regular shenanigans, Prog Rock PTSD as I may be.

Don't you dare miss out on the birthday girl Miss Lovich though, because everyone needs a New Toy for their birthday.--J.