Sunday, April 18, 2021

Marion Made

Let's rejoinder the post of a few minutes ago with the promised 2nd half of our weekend fare.

This one was taped as part of a mid-Eighties series that can only be described as essential to the power of necessary, times infinity squared.

From 1984 through to about 1988, the radio home of Brandeis University in Massachusetts broadcast a semi-weekly program called "The Joint" featuring some of the hippest Jazzers then jazzing.

I'll have a bunch of these for y'all as their anniversaries come up, but this one is from 36 years ago today and might be the single most astonishing one.

It's 68+ minutes of beautifully-captured solo saxophone, provided by one of our epoch's most tremendous alto practitioners.

I don't know about you, but there's few things I consider less significant in this lifetime than nearly 70 minutes of vintage, unaccompanied Marion Brown.

One of the most undersung and deeply lyrical players of our era, with one note or phrase you know who's blowing without even thinking.

He gets into a bunch of standards here -- if I can figure out what the 2nd tune is before I fall over, I'll die happy -- with an emphasis on compositions of Thelonious Monk.

Marion Brown 
"The Joint" on WBRS-FM
Winer Wing
USDAN Student Center
Brandeis University 
Waltham, Massachusetts USA

01 Angel Eyes
02 unidentified title 
03 I Can't Get Started 
04 Hurry Sundown 
05 Since I Fell for You
06 Black and Tan Fantasy 
07 'Round Midnight 
08 Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are 
09 La Placita 
10 Ask Me Now

Total time: 1:08:43 

Marion Brown - alto saxophone

1st gen cassette of the original WBRS-FM broadcast

So there you are, two in two hours and both well worth the while IMO.
Marion Brown would have been 90 this September, so don't be surprised if he makes a repeat appearance.

I shall return shortly to continue the April showers of sonics, but these two master blasts oughta keep you busy for a bit!--J.

9.8.1931 - 10.18.2010 


  1. It's been a while since your last post. Hope all is well.

  2. this was a great post thnak u i too hope things are ok

    1. I'm ok, I just don't want the 60 hour a week job of doing this anymore

    2. sorry to hear that! hope you'll either feel better after a breather or perhaps think about another way to approach it that doesn't take so much out of you. i stopped making album covers for my blog posting when i found i wasn't blogging if i didn't have the time for that. anyway, this is a great site (and one that i only ran across recently).

      all the best,

    3. don't tell anyone I told you this Pete, but if all goes well I am trying to come back on October 5th.... to bring in the Mael

  3. That's great news! A hobby shouldn't feel like a job. Thank you for sharing all these amazing shows! I found this place a year or so ago and though I haven't listened to every offering, I've regularly enjoyed your stories, wit, wisdom, and wordplay. And OMG, the pictures & art! You've introduced me to a whole bunch of music and musicians, that's for sure -- Thank you!

    1. someday all these links will be live and in one place

      a lot of my issue is that it has a ceiling, this approach, in that I can really only cover people and bands that have/had enough notoriety or popularity to have been recorded for broadcast or by a soundperson somewhere. If I wanna stay away from published or otherwise officially released stuff, it places a very frustrating limit upon what I can do and after 8 years doing it I am mostly just repeating myself. I would cover so many more bizarro artists here if I could under the "unissued" umbrella.

      And it doesn't feel like a job, it IS a job. To do this half right and try to be the poolboy cleaning the most pissed-in pool in human history -- that of bootlegs and ROIOs and so forth -- the amount of attention I have to pay to dozens of important aspects of these recordings literally takes up my whole life and thought process. Although it makes me really proud and happy of this ridiculous concept I introduced into this game, that other geeks of this have started to emulate and run with -- that of using existing bits of a show to reconstitute the missing bits -- it doesn't change the factual truth that every one of those tape-flip repairs takes DAYS upon days to figure out and nail perfectly, or as perfectly and seamlessly as can be humanly done without blowing my brains out from too many Soundforge mouseclicks. Sometimes just figuring out who played on what can be a fulltime job, because there is so much misinformation out there.

      I often think of expanding this page to include out of print LPs I am certain cannot be properly reissued because the master tapes are lost; just buying a good turntable and using the Mbox I have to make crystal clean 32/192 rips of sealed vinyl gems I'd also buy online. But that's another series of skills to develop and another minefield of extreme effort I will never be compensated for LOL

      Anyway thank you for reading my page and valuing what I have done, it makes the many hours of effort much more worth it to know that it has some semblance of the desired impact. And don't unbookmark me yet either.

    2. EN - that is a really nice summation and reflection on this rather wonderful blog you've created. Eight years and I've followed much of it and I've always found your postings uplifting and affirming, because of their compassion, justified anger, and belief that music is one of the forces that makes us better than what we are. So I've come here when feeling flat knowing that I'll leave here richer musically and feeling more positive about the world in general. What you have here in your blog is sufficient unto itself, in my opinion, and from this fan's view there's no need to expand your scope. Keep this jewel as it stands, because it's beautiful.

      Love light and peace


    3. wow, you all gonna make me cry <3

      here, want my 6 1/2 hour James Brown playlist I made with which to practice the drums? We started a band here and I'm back to drums after 4 years not playing

  4. i too came to yr site when i was feeling down and got quite a boost from the music and your writing and it was fun when you found a photo of the appliances. here is a poem of mine
    as an offeringfor diane di prima

    too long has been spent
    longing for connection, faithfully weeping
    for a glimpse of naked mind--

    wind violently whips amber spitting tree
    against house

    each wave in the bay, even with perfect light
    cannot be captured

    no appearance can be held onto
    there is ground and there is no ground

    how many teachers dead and gone?
    diane diprima, her poetics of art
    that the work is for the future of us all
    the books, poems, collages and songs
    are the life blood the live force

    our desire for comfort is disgusting
    our denial of death is disgusting
    how do we rise above
    to the awareness that arises
    from impermanance?

    madbear speaks of the transition
    the fourth world where everything changes
    he talks of comparing notes with tibetan monks
    on the times told past and future in the kalacakra
    this is not doomsday, he says
    not if we stay present with the unfolding
    and are not focused on safety
    and we act with sanity and roaring sound

    our lives and the lives of all children are on the line
    the lives of the cousins raven, elk, caribou, seal
    hummingbird , and on and on are on the line
    mass extinction is on the line

    the perception of a single bee,
    the vivid red of the bottle brush
    every perception must by fought for,
    to be free of labels and conceptual mind
    to be free of the aggression that pushes it away

    in order that awareness is continous
    i must consider that i have radiation sickness
    that i am dying, only the practice to realize naked mind
    and express the beauty of the world is worth our energy

    we will not be saved by teachers
    we must make the teachings real in our lives
    we will not be saved by teachers
    we must make the teachings real in our lives
    we will not be saved by teachers
    we must make the teachings real in our lives
    we will not be saved by teachers
    we must make the teachings real in our lives

    for diane di prima
    robert horton 7-7-21


    1. you are too beautiful <3

      see above for a neat James Brown link

  5. Marion Brown meets James Brown?!! I love it, two Georgia Genius-Giants - Thank you!