Monday, April 05, 2021

Monday Funk Dumpling

Another week and another yummy anniversary special, yeah?

This one oughta get your ass moving and motivated on a Monday.

It was captured 22 years ago tonight at a college in Northern California, and has lost none of its flavor in the near quarter century since.

These cats were a big part of the 1990s Acid Jazz revival, and this set (OK, two sets) finds them at the dominant apex of their reign.

They're joined in the 2nd half by DJ Logic, whom I think guested on that Laswell thing I put up in January.... no wait, that was DJ Disk. Damn, you need a scorecard to tell the players sometimes.

Anyway this is 2 1/2 nicely captured hours of what makes keys deity John Medeski, drummer Billy Martin and bassist Chris Wood the lasting and highly potent combination that they are.

Medeski, Martin & Wood + DJ Logic
Humboldt State University
Arcata, California USA

CD1 - acoustic set 
01 set I opening jam
02 Note Bleu 
03 Querencia 
04 Brigas Nunca Mais
05 Rise Up 

CD2 - electric set
01 set II opening jam
02 Sugarcraft 
03 Seven Deadlies
04 Church of Logic 
05 Just Like I Pictured It
06 Toy Dancing
07 Gonzo 
08 outro jam

Total time: 2:23:15

John Medeski - keyboards & melodica
Billy Martin - drums & percussion
Chris Wood - bass
DJ Logic - turntables (set II only)

sounds like a master soundboard DAT
slightly edited for dead air, dropouts repaired, track markers adjusted and volume boosted throughout by EN, April 2021
692 MB FLAC/April 2021 archive link

I'll be back like The Terminator on Thursday with some truly vintage plucking from the Guitar Rarities tree for you all.

Until then, you are extra welcome to lather yourself into a delirious, half-dressed stupor with this 153 minutes of Funk furor and ferocity, courtesy of the tremendous trio MMW!--J.

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