Friday, September 09, 2022

Ad Ashra: Manuel Göttsching 70

Manuel Göttsching - Shuttlecock

Sorry this is late, but I fell asleep.

But hey! This birthday boy knows something about delay.

Analog delay, digital delay.... he is a delay expert, I'd say.

In fact, his music is among the most, well, loopy of the last 50 years.

For beginning in the early 1970s, he has been one of the foremost practitioners of self-accompaniment our era has yet seen.

He came to attention first as part of a group, which gradually shed members until he went fully solo.

This band -- first called Ash Ra Tempel and eventually simply Ashra -- set the template for the sort of repetitiously sublime, intertwining loopscape sound that we take for granted now, but which then was the bleeding edge of the burgeoning technology and the approach to it.

He's been a part of things since those days -- let's face it, so much of the guitar-looping tech that exists today is a thing because of streams that he began -- and often still tours with others as Ash Ra Tempel in addition to his own solo shows and recordings.

Speaking of solo shows, here's an unusual one for me.

Unusual in that you had to wait 9 years and 700+ posts for me to put up an audience tape!
Of course it was captured by someone who got themselves right up to the front-center of the stage, and they did such a killer job that had I not told you that it was not a soundboard grab, you may never have been the wiser.

Especially after I ran it through the Pixie Dust Generator to get some more highs back into it.

Manuel Göttsching
Supersense Festival 2015
The Arts Centre
Melbourne, Australia

01 Sunrain
02 MG talk
03 Shuttlecock
04 MG talk
05 Die Mulde
06 MG talk
07 Deep Distance
08 MG talk & thanks

Total time: 1:00:53

Manuel Göttsching - guitar, keyboards & electronics

truly exceptional stereo Core Sound mics audience capture from belly-up to the stage, front & center, by Jim Cooke
remastered by EN, September 2022
344 MB FLAC/direct link

I'll return next weekend with a 50th anniversary organ of admittance guaranteed to put your head out among the spheres.

OK? See you then and of course the bestest b'day (and many more) to loopmaestro Manuel Göttsching here, born this day in 1952 and continuously revolving around the sunrain as we all echo off into the inevitable infinite.--J.

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