Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Birth of the Coolsville

Rickie Lee Jones - It Must Be Love

We interrupt the Jazz Snob Sausage Fest to bring you a birthday celebration for one of the great ladies.

For today marks the 68th voyage 'round the flaming hydrogen sphere for a truly beloved songstress of our age.

Somewhere between Blossom Dearie and Joni Mitchell, her style has influenced a million imitators but few equals.
She had the good sense to have a global chart-topper on her first record, so the record company could leave her alone from the jump.

Born in 1954, she's 68 today and, as far as I know, still records and tours.

Her albums and concerts are like intimate glimpses into the world of the artist, and she's one of those vocalists blessed with that ineffable quality where each person listening is convinced she is singing directly to them.

Today's share, for instance, is as good an example as any of what she does and how she does it.
Ever since her 1979 advent, when she exploded on the scene like a Jazz-capped ball of cool fire, there's been no one exactly like Rickie Lee Jones.

If the purpose of a live setting is to weave a web of sultry intrigue and bring the audience into that sense of mystery, this is a performer that checks every conceivable box.

Let's time travel back 31 years to the city of Minneapolis, and toss our hats into the air all freeze-framed, for this 102 minutes of magnificence then, shall we?

Rickie Lee Jones
Guthrie Theater
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

01 Bye Bye Blackbird
02 The Second Time Around
03 It Must Be Love
04 Last Chance Texaco
05 Satellites
06 Up from the Skies
07 Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most
08 Dat Dere
09 I Won't Grow Up
10 I'll Be Seeing You
11 Coolsville
12 We Belong Together
13 Deep Space
14 On Sunday Afternoons In 1963 
15 Bolivia
16 Weasel and the White Boys Cool/band introductions
17 My One and Only Love
18 Love Junkyard
19 Comin' Back to Me
20 Something Cool

Total time: 1:42:34
disc break goes after Track 13

Rickie Lee Jones - vocals, guitars, piano & percussion
Michael O'Neill - guitars & vocals
Sal Bernardi - accordion, guitars, harmonica & vocals
John Leftwich - bass
Keith Fiddmont - saxophones
Ed Mann - percussion & vibraphone

mono DAT straight from the mixing desk, remastered by plaz 
very slightly retracked -- with volume increased throughout & Track 15 identified -- by EN, November 2022
502 MB FLAC/direct link

This was initially remastered by the exceptional plaz a ways back, but I felt it really needed some more volume throughout so I gave it some, using the tasty Audacity Limiter tool that aims to approximate the Sound Forge Wave Hammer tool my version of SF has only as a demo because of a bug.

I'll be back after the weekend with some anniversary goodness from Eastern Europe.

But today is the day to pay tribute to Rickie Lee Jones, the first Mayor of Coolsville!--J.

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