Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Praxis: Bold As Love

Praxis - Bent Light (The Interworld and the New Innocence)

Hello again and welcome to the June swoonings, whilst I try to navigate the broken Blogger code that has lost almost all normal functionality.

We'll keep this to the point, as this is a group I've covered both individually and collectively before.

This show was issued in 2007 in a completely transmutated, reimagined way, with roughly a third of the music retwisted into a totally different iteration by Bill Laswell, but the raw, 2 1/2 hour opus is so balls-deep intense that it needs to be heard IMO.

There's no need to introduce these four players; they're all galaxy-class voyagers in sound and the noise they make in consort is really like no other aggregation.

I mean Bernie (Worrell), Buckethead, Brain and Bill (Laswell), come on. I remember when the first Praxis record came out and it sounded like it was recorded 1000 years in the future.

If I had to describe this music in words, I'd say it was Miles On The Corner of Titan and Saturn's rings.

So without further adieu, let's cut the chatter and spin the platter of this bad boy's 20th anniversary.

Bonnaroo Festival
Manchester, TN 

01 Bernie Worrell intro
02 Seven Laws of Woo
03 Crash Victim
04 Bent Light (The Interworld and the New Innocence)
05 Spun
06 Magus
07 Buckethead's dance interlude
08 Broken/Fractal (drum solo)
09 Guitar Virus
10 Machine Gun
11 Bernie Worrell organ interlude
12 Maggot Brain
13 Chopper
14 Night of the Slunk
15 Haunted
16 Optic
17 Vertebrae

Total time: 2:26:38
disc break goes after Track 09

Buckethead - guitar
Bill Laswell - bass
Bernie Worrell - keyboards & throne
Brain - drums
Lili Haydn - violin

seems like an unknown gen DAT of the complete concert, recorded from the soundboard
edited for applause, retracked, denoised and remastered by EN, June 2024
858 MB FLAC/direct link
this show was available for a time as a FLAC download back in 2004 on the Bonnaroo website
in 2007, the tapes of this concert were reworked by Bill Laswell into a completely different, reconstructed version, 
which can (and should) be purchased here

I'll return with a wild centennial celebration in a little over a week, by which time I hope against hope this interface will be cured of its disease and I can post normally again. I won't hold my breath, but we can dream, right?

In the mean time, do digest and enjoy this 146 minutes of utter mayhem, courtesy of a truly superb supergroup, and remember: Praxis makes perfect!--J. 


  1. Thank you! I. had the pleasure of attending this concert - the experience of a lifetime! Laswell also performed mid-day (I think as Material) but I've never seen a post of that show.

  2. You are a champion! This is why unofficial releases are an essential part of the musical realm.