Sunday, December 18, 2022

Empire of the Ants

Adam & The Ants - Antmusic

OK, Sexpeople! It's time for you to stand & deliver!

For here's a group I've always wanted to cover, with an anniversary to make it all happen.

By the time three months had passed since this gig, they were no more and their leader had gone solo.

He had many more smash hits on his own, but there was never anything quite like the original configuration.

So it's at roughly the midpoint between The Drummers of Burundi and The Stranglers that we find our heroes Adam & The Ants, riding the crest of the MTV wave to unprecedented stardom.

Anyway this is the soundtrack to one of their concert films that's never made it to DVD, taped 41 years ago today in their native London.

Adam & The Ants
The Prince Charming Revue
Theatre Royal Drury Lane 
London, UK

01 opening
02 Picasso Visita el Planeta de Los Simios
03 Five Guns West
04 That Voodoo!
05 S.E.X.
06 Scorpios
07 Antmusic
08 Don't Be Square (Be There)
09 Prince Charming
10 The Human Beings
11 Ants Invasion
12 Killer In the Home
13 Mowhok
14 Dog Eat Dog
15 Jolly Roger
16 Los Rancheros
17 Christian D'Or
18 Kings of the Wild Frontier
19 Ant Rap
20 Physical (You're So)

Total time: 01:13:03

Adam Ant - vocals & percussion
Marco Pirroni - guitar
Gary Tibbs - bass & vocals
Terry Lee Miall - drums, percussion & vocals
Chris "Merrick" Hughes - drums, keyboards, guitar, percussion & vocals

soundtrack of the 1982 CBS Video HiFi VHS release; never issued on DVD
192/48 audio extracted, converted to 16/44 CD Audio, tracked & slightly remastered by EN, July 2022
478 MB FLAC/direct link

So unplug the jukebox, do us all a favor will you? That music's lost its taste, so try another flavor! Anniversary Antmusic all around!--J.